Activities for Children and Young People

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Teenagers performing on stageFor children and young people, Islington is a great place to be. These events take place amongst the variety of parks, youth clubs, leisure centres, museums and schools that Islington has to offer. And many of them are free!

Children and young people can take part in a wide range of activities in Islington. Here are some of the things on offer: 

  • Clubs and projects - youth clubs and projects are great places to hang out with friends and try out a whole range of different activities. Whether your thing is music or museum trips, computers or cookery, paintball or potholing, there’s loads of ways to have fun this winter.
  • Books, games and crafts - Why not drop into one of Islington’s libraries this winter? You may be surprised at what’s available. Take your pick from books, CDs, films and computer games. And look out for some special activities, from crafts to competitions.
  • Sports and exercise - Sports are a great way to enjoy yourself, make new friends, and get fit and healthy. And a wide choice of activities, from climbing and cricket to quad biking and badminton, means there’s something to suit everyone– whether you’re seriously into sports or just want to have serious fun.
  • Parks and the outdoors - Why not join in sports and fun activities in your local park?

 Check out events for children and young people below.

You can also use our advanced search function to search by date or venue.

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